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As you most likely know, our Spring concert has been canceled due to the COVID-19 virus. Canceling this concert was a disappointment for us. We were looking forward to celebrating our 25 years of performing for the Lincoln Way Community.

To our concert goers who have been our audience over the last 25 years, we want to say thank you. If you purchased tickets for this concert, they will be refunded.  Please check this website often.  We will keep you informed as plans develop for our next concert.  Also, we would like to encourage you to be aware of our sponsors and use them whenever possible.  You can view our list of sponsors or view a slide presentation promoting our sponsors.

To our sponsors and patrons, we also want to thank those who have so generously supported us this past year. We promised, you would be recognized at two consecutive concerts following the date of your donation.  Since the Spring concert is canceled, we plan to honor our promise by recognizing you at our next two concerts, even if you were recognized at our Fall concert last year.  We will also be promoting our sponsors on our Lincoln Way Area Chorale  Facebook page and our website.  Again, we want to thank you and appreciate your support.


Spring Concert 2020

Date: Sunday, April 19, 2020
Time: Cancelled

Ticket Price: Refunded