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Maestoso ($1000 and up)

Anonymous ($5000)

Bill* and Linda* Bunting

Barbara Paul*

Elisé* and Gordon* Greene

Ken* and Marianna* Reed

Rose* and Jim* Katsenes

Peggy Stark** (In Memory of Charles Stark)

Fortissimo ($500-999)

Thomas Johnson

John Rothenberger*

Don** and Jodi** Page

Tanya* and Mike Taylor

Keith Reed* (In Memory of Jim Stephenson)

Rick Johnston*

Sue* and Jack** Fronek

Vivian* Van Donk

The Biggs Family*

Allegro ($250-$499)

Marilyn* and Dan O’Rourke

Peter Bumba

Rich and MaryLou* Warfield

Lisa* and Mark Messaglia

Charley Smith

John and Leigh Lazzarotto

Greg** and Marg Day

James and Donna Fijolek

Forte ($100-$249)

John and Nancy O’Connor

Laurane Caracci*

Margi* and Skip Hafer

Heather Goesel*

Sylvia** and Russ** Bergman

Bruce Hamburger*

Tom* and Mary Lee Gustafson

Icy Cade-Bell*

Bob Pechinski**

Al** and Mary** Huizinga

Susan Trimby*

Andante ($50-$99)

Steven Duncan

Dave Mezykowski*

James and Dorothy* Peterson

Larry* and Peg Lefaiver

Legato (up to $49)

Carl and Joyce* Larson

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