Concerns about Singing in a Choir

We’re always asking people, “Do you love to sing?”, but perhaps there’s a more important question… “Do you have any concerns about singing in a choir?”  We’d like to put your mind at ease on some common worries that new choir singers may have.

Perhaps you’ve never sung in a choir or even out in public with your friends. But, do you find yourself belting out some classic rock in the car or shower, or humming while doing some housework. Try joining others that started off the same way. At one point, we all had our first time. You may find you love it.

We sing together as a group, and as the old saying goes, there is safety in numbers. We support each other during rehearsals and provide tips to alleviate performance anxiety before a concert. You will not have to sing by yourself (unless you choose to do a solo).

There is a huge range of music in our catalog. We’ve performed songs from hit movies, Broadway, 60s pop songs, and jazz standards. Our concerts have featured funny parody songs, tunes that make you think of Christmases long ago, and emotional pieces that bring tears to our audiences eyes. You may not know or be a fan of every piece when we start, but as time goes by, you’ll find you have a new favorite.

Don’t worry, many people don’t know how to read music, even people in a choir. We practice together, which will help you with the notes, timing, dynamics, and more. We also have practice tracks for each of the songs for your part, so you can sing along and practice at home. Plus, there are a couple sectionals worked into our rehearsal schedule, which means men and women focus separately on the tougher parts.

Maybe you can’t hold a note for a long time, or you find yourself getting winded. Perhaps you have trouble reaching that high note that seems effortless to others in your section. We go through a series of vocal warm-ups that help you with breath control along with increasing your vocal range. Over time, you will find it gets easier to carry out a note or know when to grab a breath. We can even share tips on how to stagger your breaths to gain a little extra for those long holds on notes up in the rafters. Additionally, there are videos that our Artistic Director made to help with various aspects of singing, and each section has a leader that can assist you.

We perform using our music at rehearsals and during concerts. There may be a piece that we will have to memorize, but after several weeks of practice, I’m sure you will know it by heart. It’ll be just like your favorite song from 20 years ago that when you hear it, you go into autopilot knowing every word.

We meet once a week on Monday nights for two hours. Each rehearsal season (spring and fall) lasts roughly 14 weeks. You are allowed to miss a couple sessions in case of illness or other personal reasons, and still be able to perform in the concert.

Do you get anxious when meeting new people? It happens, but guess what, it did to many people that joined our choir. It’s normal to feel like you might not fit in. Our choir consists of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and ages. There are people that have sung together for 20 plus years, and new people that joined last summer. Some like to be involved as much as possible and serve on our various committees, and there are others that just show up to rehearsal to sing. Whatever you do, it’s fine. We will welcome you.

We do have a registration fee and concert attire that needs to be purchased. However, we can work with you in cases of financial hardship. We’ve all had struggles at some point in our lives, but we come together as a community to support each other. Plus, focusing on singing can be very beneficial to relieving stress in all areas of life.